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  根据之前三年的研究,这篇论文是2018年5月,我和刘仿尧,石勇老师在IEEE的 CSCWD会议上发表的一篇文章,详细阐述了基于互联网大脑模型的城市大脑建设方案,说明城市大脑产生的背景原因,定义和重要结构组成,也阐述了基于互联网大脑模型的城市智商评价体系构成。


City Brain, a New Architecture of Smart City Based on the Internet Brain

Abstract— In the ten years after the Smart City was put forward, there are still problems like the unclear concept, lack of top-down design and information island. With the further development of the Internet, the brain-like architecture of the Internet is becoming clearer and clearer. As a product of a combination of city buildings and the Internet, the Smart City will also have a new architecture, and the City Brain thus appears. Based on the Internet Brain, this paper describes how to construct the Smart City in the form of brain-like tissue, and how to evaluate the construction level of the Smart City (City IQ) relying on the Big SNS (city neural networks) and city cloud reflex arcs.